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Fundraising Updates

February 26, 2023

We just sent out our latest issue! For fiscal transparency here are some of the expenses:

- buying 40 9x12 envelopes = $17.91

- postage ($2.56 per envelope) = $102.40

That makes a total of $120.31 for the late winter issue. Because we were able to raise more funds in December we were able to send $25 to the commissary of 7 people who have contributed essays, poems, and art over the past year. I've posted a redacted receipt here and am happy to share more redacted receipts if asked. A total of $175 went to people inside...and $26.25 went to the exorbitant fees collected by those who prey on incarcerated people and their loved ones. Excellent resources on this topic are available at Worth Rises. We also send $50 to the commissary of a subscriber who, due to a newly diagnosed medical condition, can no longer work and needs funds to access sanitary supplies and other items. You can learn more about the exploitation of prison labor in the report Captive Labor by the ACLU.

December 11. 2022

We were able to raise $305 for the newsletter at the Social Justice Holiday Market hosted in the Mayday space. Mik made lavender eye pillows, reusable makeup removal cloths, coasters, greeting cards, and homegrown teas which he sold on Saturday, December 10. The proceeds will go towards printing and mailing costs first, and then for holiday greeting cards.

We are still soliciting donations so that those who contributed to the newsletter this past year can get an end of year thank you in their commissary!

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