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Thank you for your donation!!

"What's the Tea?" depends on donations to get our newsletter into the hands of our contributors and readers. When you donate to us the money goes directly to the work:

- maintaining our PO Box in Brooklyn

- maintaining this website so we can archive our issues and help spread the world

- postage (usually around $2-3 dollars per person)

- printing (usually about $145 per printing run)

- other office supplies like envelopes, paper, and ink

Porcelain Cups
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In addition to providing this quarterly newsletter, the team at What's the Tea? also tries to make books and activities created by BIPOC trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary artists available to people on the inside. 

In the last few years we have sent in Vivek Shraya's "Even This Page is White", Kai Cheng Thom's "I Hope We Choose Love", both of Janet Mock's memoirs, and Dr. Meg-John Barker's "Queer: a graphic history".

As some of our readers want more engagement we have also sent in books on learning new languages, guides on pencil and line drawing, and a subscription to a magazine. Whenever we can, we order through local independent bookstores. Donations fuel these efforts too, thank you!


To keep costs low, we currently seek out offices where we can print and staple our newsletter for free. When we can't find donated space we print with FedEx.

We print double-sided and in black and white and aim to keep each issue under 60 pages.

Eventually, we would love to have the newsletter professionally printed and bound. This increases the chance of the newsletter being allowed into the facilities, and makes it more engaging to read.

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